Playing Lacrosse in Japan

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Hi. We are LACROSSE PLUS, a Japanese lacrosse information website.

If you want to play lacrosse in Japan we are happy to help you find a team.  Here is some general information that may assist you.

There are three leagues in Japan; University, Club and High School. Currently there are no professional Japanese lacrosse leagues.

University League season is from August to December. Club League season is from July to December. Teams usually begin regular off-season practice in February. If you want to play lacrosse in Japan for a whole season we recommend joining in February to start training with a team from day one. There are also opportunities to train with a team for a given period of time.

High School Leagues are organised through the school system. Please contact a school for further information. Please note that high school lacrosse is not so popular, so you may not be able to find a high school team. Don’t worry, you can always join a club team. Club lacrosse teams are everywhere, just contact the club. If you can’t speak Japanese we are happy to contact them for you.

If you are having difficulty finding a university, club or other local lacrosse information Lacrosse Plus can help with this also.

This information is applicable to mens and womens lacrosse.

If there is anything else we can do to help you start playing lacrosse in Japan, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Lacrosse Plusーラクロスプラスー

Lacrosse PlusーラクロスプラスーLACROSSE PLUS管理者


LACROSSE PLUSでは 現役ラクロッサーやラクロスOBOG、ラクロスサポーターへ『日本や海外におけるラクロスの情報』や『ラクロッサーにとって便利で有益な知識や情報』をお届けします!

We are LACROSSE PLUS, a Japanese lacrosse information website. For any other information about Japanese Lacrosse, please don't hesitate to contact us.





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