This weekend! Lacrosse Plus Opening Event ーStart Lacrosse Plus ー【English Information】

Hi. We are LACROSSE PLUS, a Japanese lacrosse information website.

We have an opening event this weekend, a lacrosse trial session for beginners and also a Mini-Lacrosse game!

If you are a beginner and interested in playing lacrosse, this is a great opportunity to join in.
If you are an experienced lacrosse player, you can enjoy playing a mini-lacrosse game (small size ground version lacrosse).

Beginner Class(For Kids and Adults) :  10AM-1PM
Mini-game for Experienced Player(For Adults) : 1PM-7PM

<Where>MIFA Football park(Toyosu, Tokyo)
Address : 6-1-23, Toyosu , Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0061, Japan


Here is the registration form (note: Japanese language only). If you can’t read it, contact us on